About Practicing Medicine


prac-tice: [prak-tis] noun, verb: habitual or customary performance;  repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency: Practice makes perfect.

I’m a 27 year old health and fitness enthusiast and just started my second year of internal medicine residency. I grew up as the daughter of a dietitian and a minister in Columbus, Ohio and attended the University of Notre Dame as a biochemistry major, where I was also a captain of the women’s boxing team. While in college, I worked as a personal trainer at a women’s – only gym before heading to medical school in 2008. I married my favorite person, Mr. B, in 2012.  Now I am in the second year of my residency and have never let go of my interest (perhaps obsession) with healthy eating and exercise. My job is awesome, but also incredibly demanding due to the extreme work hours and the emotional and physical toll of caring for patients each day. I am starting this blog mostly to keep myself accountable as the demands of my job become more stressful.  It is important for me to stay healthy in order to better motivate my patients to listen to my advice. No one wants to hear an overweight, chain-smoker with a donut in her hand tell them to get 30 -60 minutes of moderate exercise a day and eat a low cholesterol diet! Practice what you preach!

I plan to post a few times a week, keeping track of some of my meals and exercise routines. I don’t exactly make the big bucks yet, so I try to stay healthy on a KrogerPlus card budget – most of my food is not organic and it is usually not name brand (unless on sale!). I do most of my workouts at home or at the free employee gym, and I only try expensive classes as a treat. I hope to get some tips from other bloggers on how to keep improving my healthy lifestyle on a budget!

In addition to logging my personal diet and exercise habits, I will post proven tips and back them up with medical research. Hopefully I can summarize articles from medical journals to help clarify common health questions and explain why certain habits are so important. I’m a nerd. If you’re like me, real scientific data is a true motivator!

(Also, I probably won’t be able to help the occasional post about a fantastic TJ Maxx find or a little commentary on the latest reality television drama. I can’t get rid of EVERY guilty pleasure!)


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