My Monday did not start off super great.  My alarm did not go off.  Neither did my back up alarm.  Or I guess it is conceivable that I didn’t hear them, but I consider this much less likely.  I also got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work that didn’t seem to have a source (those are the worst kind… where they just resolve but you never figure out why people were going so slow in the first place?).   So I missed a mandatory 7:15 am meeting and arrived at work at 9 am.   I hate being late, but luckily it didn’t matter too much because the oncologist I was working with was not even expecting me. I spent the morning seeing head and neck cancer patients in chemotherapy follow up.  They were all actually doing well, so I considered it a success!


I was pretty energized from the turkey bacon, egg white, and avocado breakfast sandwich that I made this morning, so I worked through lunch.  I later had a spinach and avocado salad while seeing some of my primary care patients.   It’s funny that they are called “patients” because it definitely requires all my “patience” most days.  One man yelled and threatened me for not giving him a medicine he wanted – one he did not need and that has very bad potential side effects.  “Don’t you dare tell me you can’t give it to me!”  Another was a sweet gentleman who is completely cared for by his family, but they did not come with him and he didn’t know any of his medications.  Yet he had a big stack of paperwork for me to fill out about his medical conditions.  I am not a parent, but I imagine it is quite similar.  Wanting to do the best for someone, but they fight you every step of the way.  Trying hard to help someone even if the demands are large and they may not be helping themselves and they may not show you any appreciation.  It’s rough.

I ended with one of my favorite patients (they aren’t actually my children, so I’m allowed to play favorites) who unfortunately has had a few months of neck swelling, trouble swallowing, fevers, and weight loss.   I probably don’t have to tell you this is very concerning for a head and neck cancer… which would bring my day full circle in a terrible way.  Say a prayer for him.

After work, I went to the gym for a 90 minute incline treadmill workout and I am wiped!   I just finished off the leftover chili and had an almond milk smoothie for dessert.  With my eyes half open, I’d say it’s time for this Monday to be over!


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