Matt Nathanson and Mac N Cheese

Last night I attended Nashville’s Live on the Green with one of my co-residents and some other friends.  It was a great night of free music (The Mowgli’s and Matt Nathanson – it’s fun to work out to his song Modern Love!), dancing, raspberry Hefeweizen, and food trucks.  I have lived in Nashville for over a year now – my first experience in the south – and have yet to try chicken and waffles.  Well, I ate it last night.  I ATE it.  It was serious.  Hot chicken on a raspberry wedding cake flavored waffle.  Ridiculous. And ridiculously good.   I tried to take a picture, but I didn’t remember until I had stuffed my face and an empty, greasy plate does not make a very exciting photo.  Not exactly healthy – but it was my off day so I enjoyed it!

Two residents out on the town

Two residents just out on the town

Today I tried to make up for it with a decently healthy day.  Breakfast was a wheat bagel with almond butter and a fruit cup.  Lunch was catered at work (free food is our only perk).  I had a garden salad and a veggie sub on wheat with Dijon mustard.  Dinner was an experiment in healthy mac and cheese with zucchini chips on the side.  I couldn’t even tell the difference from the real stuff.  (However, I must admit that ever since I was a kid I prefer the cartoon character macaroni over the regular noodles – my theory is it has more surface area to hold cheese?).  Peaches were dessert!

Lightened up Greek Mac n Cheese


 Boil one box of whole grain Kraft macaroni and cheese (about 6 – 7 minutes).  Mix in one cup of Oikos plain greek yogurt and the cheese mix or 3/4 c reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese.  So easy, so creamy, and so much better than butter!

I’m headed for a late night circuit work out.  I’ve been saving the newest episode of Project Runway for this so I’m kind of excited.  Not exactly a crazy Friday night, but I have to work a night shift tomorrow.  Bummer.    I’ll post the work out and a review tomorrow!


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