Le Baie Parfait


I don’t actually know French, I typed “berry” into a French translator for a fancier title.

There are not very many good excuses for not eating breakfast (unless you skip it for brunch of course) and the parfait I had today takes exactly 2 minutes to make! I used the following ingredients:

Le Baie Parfait
– 1/2 cup frozen berries, heated in the mic for 90 sec
– Kroger CarbMaster white chocolate raspberry yogurt
Nature’s Path Coconut Chia Seed Granola ( I got this on sale, but usually I use reg granola and mix in chia seeds to get my omegas!)

Keep it in the fridge awhile and the granola and heated berries turn into this chunky mixture that makes me feel like I’m eating a piece of pie!

Make breakfast a habit… It’s been shown over and over again to reduce risk for heart disease and to reduce your risk of diabetes and obesity, specifically abdominal obesity (no one wants that!). And bonus- it dosen’t even matter what dietary qualities the breakfast has- just eat one! Check out the linked studies for more info.


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